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Only Representative Service for Importers

Thank You for visiting the OR Fit4REACH Portal

On this Web Portal you have the opportunity as Importer, to confirm your Downstream User Status on imported substances and volumes!

We have issued the new 2017 Only Representative Assignment Certificates.
Please request them directly from your supplier before you import in 2017, so you have valid confrimation that we are still the Only Representative.

Log in with the 2017 User and Password to claim your substance and volume that you like to have coverd by the OR.

To demonstrate the functionality, please use Username = demo and Password = demo

Please Login:



As OR we cover only the Imports, volumes and Importers that are known to us.

Pleaseclaim first your substance and volume on this portal before importing.

Importing without claiming it on this portal means that you remain in your REACH role as Importer with registratin obligation!